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New Video Clip – “False Positive”

Seven Sacrifices – Review

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“False Positive” is our brand new video and you can exclusive watch on Rock Overdose!!!
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Seven Sacrifices – Reviews

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Listen to Memorain tonight on The Metal Showcase! Live broadcast begins right at 7 pm CST and the recorded show can be heard any time after the live broadcast concludes at………….

Seven Sacrifices – Reviews

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Digital Line

Memorain have re-recorded 8 tracks taken from the first two albums, Digital Crimes and
White Line.

You can download the songs for free in the following link:

Track list:

01. The Real World (White Line – 2003)
02. Until You Die (Digital Crimes – 2002)
03. Inside My Mind (White Line – 2003)
04. Burning Justice (Digital Crimes – 2002)
05. Condemn Me To Obscurity (White Line – 2003)
06. Digital Crimes (Digital Crimes – 2002)
07. Silence (Digital Crimes – 2002)
08. Buried In Lies (White Line – 2003)

New Album: Rerealse Date/Artwork/Tracklist/New Song for streaming!!!

MEMORAIN will release their seventh album, Seven Sacrifices on October 4th, via Metal Scrap Records and will contain 11 songs. The new album will feature special guest appearances from David Ellefson, Jed Simon and Michael Gilbert.

Seven Sacrifices Tracklist:

01. A Stitch In Time
02. Worlds Apart
03. Course Correction
04. Trust And Blood
05. False Positive
06. The Hour Of Death
07. Seven Sacrifices
08. Blind Spot
09. Snow Falls
10. Bad Wolf
11. We All Fall Down

A new song is available for sreaming using the SoundCloud widget below:

The band have also recorded eight tracks, taken from the first two albums (Digital Crimes – 2002, White Line – 2003) and they will be available for free download later this month at band’s website and also at Metal Scrap Records website (

Digital Line Tracklist:

01. The Real World
02. Until You Die
03. Inside My Mind
04. Burning Justice
05. Condemn Me To Obscurity
06. Digital Crimes
07. Silence
08. Buried In Lies