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(Metal Maple Records – 2012)

01. Nations On Fire
02. Where Hate Lies
03. The Break
04. Circle
05. Misery
06. Rules Of Engagement
07. Death Shop
08. Destiny Found
09. Power Out
10. A New Era
11. Scratching The Surface (5th Hour)
12. Methods Of The Past

Line Up:
Ilias Papadakis – Guitars
Gene Hoglan – Drums
Chris Valagao – Vocals
Steve DiGiorgio – Bass
Ralph Santolla – Guitars

Guest musicians:
Bass on songs, “A New Era” and “Rules Of Engagement” by David Ellefson
Vocals on song “Rules Of Engagement” by Tim “Ripper” Owens
Main solo on song “A New Era” by Jeff Waters
Main solo on song “Destiny Found” by Laura Christine
Main solo on song “Scratching The Surface (5th Hour)” by Christian Wentz
and Marc Pattison
Fill in solo and first main solo on song “Methods Of The Past”
by Carlos E.Perez

Produced By: Ilias Papadakis

The album were recorded at the following studios:

Ilias Papadakis recorded at White Planet Studios
Gene Hoglan recorded at Hackabolloff Studios
Chris Valagao recorded at Heathen Studios
Steve DiGiorgio recorded at Esdegy Recording
Ralph Santolla recorded at Redneck Studios
Laura Christine’s solo recorded at Hackabolloff Studios
Jeff Waters’ guitar solo was recorde at Watersound Studios Inc.

Mixed & Mastered by: Haris Zourelidis at Feedback Sound

Design and Illustrations by Maria Sakantanis

Band members pictures:
Ilias Papadakis by Thanos Doutsis
Gene Hoglan by Liza Hoglan
Steve DiGiorgio by Colin Davis

All music and lyrics written by Ilias Papadakis except:
Rules Of Engagement: Music by Ilias Papadakis, Lyricrs by David Ellefson,
Vocals Melodies by Tim “Ripper” Owens
Scratching The Surface (5th Hour): Music by Steve DiGiorgio, Lyrics by Chris Valagao

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